Dan Rajnoch

Co-Founder & CEO

Fintech Hub went deeply into the core of our solution, identified potential risk areas, proposed a solution, and connected us to Partners to cover the topics and orchestrate the execution. High-value for projects in the pre-seed or very early stage.

Matej Turek


Fintech Hub is helping us to find the best ways to comply with EU financial and other regulations. Also, Fintech Hub is a great gateway for Trisbee to new co-operations and partnerships, operating, go-to-market and M&A.

Andrej Coplak


Fintech Hub increased our valuation by introducing to well-matched VCs, also provided several reference customers.

William Jalloul


Flowpay provides digital financing to small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike banks, we ensure that a successful business is not only about statements and tax returns. We provide money based on transaction data from the platforms that the customer uses. Thanks to the Fintech Hub, we are not only getting our vision to people’s attention but connecting with other interesting projects. Also, Fintech Hub validation and support during our financing round made the VC decision doubtless and more comfortable.

Vaclav Jaros


For me, the main advantage is experience and in-depth knowledge of selected topics of our business. A growth company like our NFCtron has to manage all units of the company and having a place to turn to for further scaling is extremely important. It will speed up the whole complex journey. There has to be an equally profitable business model at the end. That’s how we see so-far fruitful Participation in Fintech Hub program.